Roofing Company in Dallas, TX

A roof is a sizable investment for most homeowners, so it’s understandable to be choosy about who handles your installation, repair, and replacement needs. J National is a roofing company in Dallas, TX, that has earned a solid reputation for treating customers fairly, providing prompt service, and keeping rates reasonable.

Fast, Affordable Roofing Service

Whether your roof needs repairs or you’re considering a new roof, the experienced contractors at J National will explain your options, let you know how much everything will cost before doing any work and get the work done in a way that’s as minimally disruptive and efficient as possible. You can also count on our crew to:

  • Arrive promptly
  • Be respectful of your property while working
  • Clean up completely before leaving

Roof Repairs in Dallas, TX

You’re likely aware of the potential for storm damage in the Dallas area. This is just one of several possible sources of roof damage. Even if you’re a competent do it yourself enthusiast , it’s easy to overlook less-obvious signs of a serious problem when making repairs. Roof work also presents potential risks. Our crew has experience safely accessing and repairing all types of roofs. We also have service technicians available throughout the area fully prepared to respond to an assortment of repair requests, including:

  • Leaks: Improperly sealed flashing and penetrations from branches are just some of the potential sources of roof leaks. We’ll thoroughly inspect your roof system to determine the source of leaks and perform appropriate repairs.
  • Blow-offs: Shingles can come off from high winds or from general wear over time. Our crew will reattach or replace blown-off shingles and check the rest of your roof for loose or damaged shingles.
  • Ponding water: Any unnatural accumulation of water needs to be further evaluated. We’ll check your gutters and look for blocked drains or sags in your roof that could be causing ponding.

Cost- Effective Roof Maintenance

Failing to maintain a roof is a common reason why repairs and replacements are often necessary sooner than expected. One way to get more life out of your roof is to schedule regular inspections with J National. A typical inspection includes looking for:

  • Worn or damaged flashing
  • Shingles with missing granules (suggests shingles need to be replaced)
  •  Signs of blistering, sagging, or age related wear
  • Issues with gutters

We’re an established roofing company in Dallas, TX, with nearly two decades of experience providing reliable residential, commercial, and multi-family roofing services. Contact J National today to receive an estimate or schedule an appointment.



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