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Renovations for Millennial Generation

Renovations for Millennials While trends and technology may change over time, one constant desire for both property owners and managers is to attract tenants likely to stick around for many years. One way to achieve this particular goal is to make an effort to get the attention of millennial tenants. So, if you happen to […]

Solar Roof Installs in Houston Communities

Solar Roof Installs in Houston Communities As the owner or manager of multi-family homes in the Houston, TX, area, you’ll want to do everything possible to make your properties as efficient as possible. Not only is this good for your bottom line, but it’s also something likely to be appreciated by current and possible new […]

Interior Unit Renovation Ideas That Will Increase Your Profitability

Interior Unit Renovation Ideas That Will Increase Profitability It’s safe to assume maximizing profitability is a top goal for anyone who owns or manages a single apartment complex or several multi-family properties. One way to make your available living spaces more appealing to both existing and potential tenants is to be proactive about interior unit renovations […]

How Often Should You Renovate Your Apartment Community?

How Often Should You Renovate Your Apartment Community? Apartments can be a reliable source of revenue and a solid investment. If you happen to be an owner of multi-family property or someone who manages apartments for owners, you may have concerns about when to consider exterior or interior renovations in Dallas, TX. After all, you want to […]

Roof Repair in Dallas, TX

Roof Repair in Dallas, TX Roofs are designed to stand up everything from seasonal storms to normal and wear and tear. When properly cared for, a typical residential roof can last anywhere from 20 to 30 years or more, depending on the materials used and how well it was installed. If you’re in search of […]

Plumbers in Houston, TX

Plumbers in Houston, TX All it takes is one leaky or busted pipe or a clogged toilet to suddenly turn your normal family routine into a stressful situation. For moments when the unexpected happens, quickly find the plumbers in Houston, TX  you need by calling on the team at J National. We have licensed and […]

Siding Contractor in Dallas, TX

Siding Contractor in Dallas, TX Siding can be an attractive addition to a home that’s currently without siding. It can be also repaired or replaced when it’s already in use. If you’re looking for a reliable, experienced siding contractor in Dallas, TX, with the ability to meet whatever needs you happen to have with maximum […]

Electrician in Houston, TX

Electrician In Houston, TX In general, electrical service isn’t something that should be a do-it-yourself job. For anything that goes beyond a few simple fixes, it’s best to hire an electrician in Houston, TX to do the work. When you need fast, reliable home electrical work, count on the trained technicians from J National to […]

Plumbing Company in Houston, TX

Plumbing Company in Houston, TX Cross plumbing problems or projects off your to-do list by making J National your trusted plumbing company in Houston, TX . Whether you’re dealing with a broken pipe, an annoying drip, or series of planned plumbing updates, our plumbers will arrive quickly to size up the situation and recommend a budget-friendly solution […]

HVAC Service in Dallas, TX

HVAC Service in Dallas, TX At J National, we’re dedicated to providing prompt, budget-pleasing HVAC service in Dallas TX. If honesty and integrity matter to you, then you’ll appreciate making us your top choice for residential and commercial heating and cooling repair, installation, replacement, and maintenance work. Reliable HVAC Service Maintain your comfort and minimize […]