Electrician In Houston, TX

In general, electrical service isn’t something that should be a do-it-yourself job. For anything that goes beyond a few simple fixes, it’s best to hire an electrician in Houston, TX to do the work. When you need fast, reliable home electrical work, count on the trained technicians from J National to be there for you.

Diagnosis and Repair

Not sure what’s causing your lights to flicker or why the power suddenly went out? Instead of playing a guessing game, let our electricians pinpoint the source of your electrical problems. We have the experience necessary to track the source of common (and even not-so-common) electrical problems.

We go beyond just addressing the immediate cause of the problem. We’re also proactive with our work. This means we’ll also check for signs of other issues that should be taken care of to reduce your risk of experiencing related problems later. Common electrical issues we diagnose and repair involve:

  • Breakers frequently tripping
  • Dead or poorly performing outlets
  • Switches or fixtures that feel warm to the touch
  • Light bulbs frequently burning out
  • Electrical bills that are higher than usual without clear explanation

Installation and Upgrades

An aging electrical system can quickly become a source of wasted money and potential risk. We’ll help you find smart ways to upgrade your home’s electrical system where it makes sense to do so. If you’re not sure where to start with your upgrades, we’ll offer suggestions based on what we notice from an initial evaluation of your existing electrical set-up. Upgrades homeowners in the Houston area often request involve:

  • Replacing or updating electrical panels
  • Installing new outlets and switches
  • Increasing surge protection
  • Updating electrical wiring
  • Installing new lighting fixtures

Electrical Improvements

Looking to add a ceiling fan to your kitchen and dining area? This is just one of several electrical improvements we can complete for you. Whether you need more electrical outlets in certain rooms or a special set-up for a home office or a basement entertainment center, we’ll determine the most effective way to make your preferred improvements.

Home Electrical Safety and Security

The electricians at J National have experience with all types of electrical systems. One of the ways we can use this expertise is to identify potential sources electrical hazards and risks. We’re often able to identify:

  • Hidden wiring problems
  • Areas where there’s an insufficient electrical supply(common in older homes not equipped for today’s electrical demands)
  • Potential electrocution and fire risks

Specialty Lighting and Electrical Installations

Are your outdoor spaces too dark at night? Improve your peace of mind and safety with the installation of outdoor lighting. We can even install outlets to areas where you may have an outdoor cooking area set up. Our technicians can also help with the wiring requirements for your home security or monitoring system.

Electrical System Maintenance

We do more than respond to emergency service calls. With occasional inspections or routine maintenance, your home’s electrical system will work more efficiently since potential problems can be spotted and corrected early.

Hiring a trusted, knowledgeable electrician in Houston, TX can be as simple as making a call to J National. We serve homeowners, commercial business owners, and multi-property owners throughout Houston and the surrounding areas. Contact us today to request service.






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