Multi-Family Renovations in Houston, TX

Add more curb appeal and value to your properties with smart renovations from J National. Our approach to multi-family renovations in Houston, TX, is to be as thorough, efficient, and affordable as possible. We’re ready to plan and execute any type of renovation, from simple upgrades and improvements to top-to-bottom property makeovers.

Budget- Friendly Renovations

Make any renovations a pleasant experience by turning to the team at J National to get it done. The key to any successful renovation is careful planning and attention to detail. We’ll discuss your plans, brainstorm ideas with you, and present an accurate estimate for your approval before getting to work. After decisions have been made, we’ll continue determine the most efficient way to deliver the desired results. Our renovation work will also include:

  • High-quality products and materials
  • Up-front pricing with no pricing surprises
  • Prompt arrivals and complete clean-up

Kitchens and Bathrooms

As the most commonly requested renovation today, kitchen and bathroom updates for your multi-family properties are likely to be on your to-do list at some point. With kitchen and bathroom renovations, we’ll walk you through your options and help you make confident decisions about details involving:

  • Cabinet and hardware selections
  • Lighting improvements and better use
  • Where to add storage space
  • Flooring materials
  • Related electrical installations and replacements

Repurposing Spaces

Open space designs are popular today because they create a more inviting feel and often allow more natural light into a home. Repurposing spaces often involves the removal of a non-supporting wall. With kitchen and dining areas, for instance, removing a wall can turn spaces that are a little too cozy into larger areas with more potential. Another cost-effective way to repurpose spaces in multi-family properties is to adjust layouts to allow for a better flow of household traffic. An often-overlooked space with potential in a home is the basement, which can become a guest room, media room, or family gathering spot. Attics can also be repurposed to create more usable space.

Improving Aesthetics

The more inviting interior rooms are, the more likely it is that tenants will stay or new ones will commit to a lease. Drywall repair and replacement, plastering, resurfacing, and changes to the size and profile of crown moldings are among the steps we can take to achieve this goal. The replacement of countertops, cabinetry, and flooring can also add beauty and appeal to your properties since it’s the first impression a property makes that often convinces a potential tenant to move in.

Finishing Touches

No detail will be overlooked with your renovation. This includes the finishing touches that add that much-appreciated “wow” factor. A common finishing touch with most renovations is a fresh coat of paint. You can opt for the same color and texture or create a new look that better reflects your property’s interiors with an entirely different shade.

A renovation that’s done well can more than pay for itself over time. If you’re considering making improvements to any of your properties, we’re prepared to exceed your expectations. Call J National today to start planning your multi-family renovations in Houston, TX.


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