Multi-Family Roof Repair in Houston, TX

Most roof repairs are issues that can be corrected with the right kind of attention. If left undetected or ignored, however, even minor roof issues can become major headaches. This is especially true for multi-family property owners who may not always have the time or resources available to quickly respond to repair requests from tenants. Stress less and call on the crew from J National when you’re in need of multi- family roof repair in Houston, TX.  

Leaks and Moisture

Many requests we get for multi- family roof repair in Houston involve leaks and moisture. More than 90 percent of leaks occur around areas where there are roof protrusions, usually because of worn or damaged flashing. Yet our approach to roof repair goes beyond fixing leaks where they typically occur. Our roofing contractors will also inspect the rest of your roof and look for sources of leaks that may not be so obvious or common.

Blow-Offs and Shingle Damage

High winds or normal wear and tear can cause shingles to blow off a roof. While a few blown-off shingles may be a minor repair, frequent blow-offs or signs of shingles missing granules could suggest there are more serious issues with a roof. With shingle repairs, we’ll properly adhere the blown-off shingles, replace ones that are broken, and determine if there are other vulnerable spots on a roof where singles are loose or showing signs of detaching.

Storm Damage

Anyone who has spent any time in Houston, TX, or the nearby areas knows that storms can come along with little or no warning. Should any of your properties have damaged roofs from a storm, our crew will arrive as quickly as possible and take the following steps:

  • Checking the roof structure for stability
  • Removing debris and looking for possible punctures or other damage
  • Assessing the extend of visible damage determining the mot efficient way to make repairs

Ponding Water

Normally, water is supposed to run off a roof. If this isn’t happening, the result is accumulated water, referred to as ponding. The first step our contractors take with repairs of this nature is to identify the source of the water. Oftentimes, it’s due to improper drainage of HVAC units or clogged gutters.

Punctures, Penetrations, and Debris

Overhanging tree limbs can be a source of possible punctures and penetrations. Hail and storm damage may also deteriorate sealant or weaken flashing. While making repairs, we’ll determine the extent of the penetration and whether or not deeper structures have been affected. We recommend having trees trimmed that are too close to any of your properties to minimize issues with punctures and penetrations.

Roof and Attic Ventilation

Roof repairs sometimes go beyond the surface of a roof. Issues with ventilation may result in damage to shingles or contribute to surface erosion. If you suspect ventilation problems may be contributing to roof problems, we’ll assess the quality of existing roof and attic ventilation and make appropriate corrections and fixes.

Further extend the life of the roofs on your properties by combining our roof repair capabilities with our preventative maintenance services. If replacement becomes a possibility at some point, there are several options we can recommend that are just as budget-friendly as our repair services. Contact J National today to schedule an appointment or request attention from our roofing pros.



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