Client: Allied Orion Group
Location: Houston, TX
Completed: 2017
Architect: Scott Trainor

New Dog Park at Oaks of Timbergrove

Improving your multifamily property is an excellent way to add value to your investment as well as to boost profitability. After all, with a nicer property or enhanced amenities, you may be able to increase the monthly rents you charge to each tenant. This could boost your monthly profits as well as your overall net worth as an investor. J National specializes in multifamily renovation projects, and we have recently completed a capital improvement on The Oaks of Timbergrove apartments located at 1700 Seaspray Court, Houston, TX 77008.

The Addition of the Dog Park
Providing your tenants with a convenient and attractive area for walking their dogs is important. After all, many Houston area residents have dogs, and they often look for a place to live that welcomes pets and that has the infrastructure in place to accommodate them. This particular dog park was built by J National from the ground up. At The Oaks of Timbergrove apartments, we installed a 162 linear foot chain link fence around the perimeter of the dog park. We also created separate off-leash areas for dogs to run and play in. This enables multiple tenants to take advantage of the dog park at the same time. Wood fencing, as well as a concrete and a granite dog wash area with a full dog wash station, were installed as a convenience to the pet owners. Additional steps to improve the property’s dog park area include the addition of a water supply line, a graded area to prevent water buildup, a track area, and two benches. The installation of landscaping, lighting, a weed barrier, a fire hydrant, canopy sails for shade and several climb features completed the project. The work on the dog park was completed in a timely manner and on a budget. After the completion of the project, tenants at The Oaks of Timbergrove apartments immediately began taking advantage of this improvement.

Quality Materials and Excellent Workmanship
This is just one of many types of multifamily renovation projects that we have completed for our valued clients over the last 17 years. From the renovation of a few units, after a property has been damaged by a fire to office renovations or complete upgrade throughout the property, we have the experience and expertise to tackle all renovation projects that you may be thinking about. The capital improvements that you complete on your property will play a major role in your property’s value and desirability over the years. Our focus is always on using high-grade materials as well as on completing quality workmanship. You can always expect wonderful things from our team when you are ready to make improvements to your property.

If you are interested in improving your property with the addition of a dog park or any other type of capital improvement, J National is the company to contact for assistance. We have the experience, devotion to excellence and established a reputation for completing all aspects of your multifamily renovation with impressive results. To learn more about how we can assist you with your upcoming project, contact us today.