Location: Garland, TX
Completed: 2016

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Fire Restoration at Lake Meadows

Lake Meadows is an apartment complex located in Garland, TX just minutes away from Dallas, Greenville and Mesquite. Originally built as a condominium development, it was converted into one and two-bedroom rental apartments. Surrounded by a neighborhood of single-family homes and private land, it enjoys a quiet and peaceful atmosphere.

That serenity was interrupted recently by the noise and flames of a fire that broke out in one of the units. Fortunately, the Garland Fire Department arrived on the fire scene early enough to confine the fire to the one single unit and prevent it from spreading to other apartments. Even more important, all of the apartment’s inhabitants were able to escape unharmed.

The same cannot be said for the contents of the unit. All of the personal contents and furnishings were destroyed. Nothing was salvageable. The interior of the structure itself also suffered fire damage to the point that a complete interior restoration job was needed.

Fortunately, the fire, stared by an electrical problem, did not reach the point that it damaged the integrity of the building.

J. National was called in to do the restoration. This 17-year old restoration company is a fully insured general contractor that specializing in fire restoration for multi-family complexes and commercial buildings as well as other calamities.

For this particular job, the experienced J. National workers completely repaired, restored, and restored all of the interior walls, the flooring, windows, ceiling, wooden framework and electrical wiring. They also gutted the damaged kitchen and bathroom and installed brand new layouts with all new fixtures.

The fact that the building was originally constructed as condominium units with firewalls between each individual apartment helped contain the damage to the one unit. Without that extra wall of protection, the whole complex might have been lost.

If you are even in the in the need of a fire restoration service in the DFW, Houston or San Antnio area call J. National first. The company is made up of a group of professionals in the construction services industry who are committed to excellence. From the planning through the execution of the plan to the very end of each restoration/renovation project, you can be assured you will receive quality workmanship with strict adherence to their promised timetable.

J. National has an extensive list of commercial references earned over the past 17 years they are willing to share with you. Their business philosophy is that the best reference is a well-executed job with dependable organizations to warrant it.

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