Client: Walker Holder Residential
Location: Dallas, TX
Completed: 2017
Architect: George Cedillo

Fire Restration at Lake Meadows

The leasing office of an apartment complex can play a major role in the overall profitability of the property. This is because the leasing office can make a significant first impression on prospective tenants who may be considering moving into one of the vacant units in the complex. J National recently renovated the leasing office for Chesapeake Apartments in North Dallas. This beautiful community is located at 1162 Aurelia Road just north of Interstate 635 near Forest Lane. The comprehensive renovation has transformed the leasing office of this multifamily property with incredible results.

The Scope of the Project
Chesapeake Apartments is an older apartment community, and it needed to be updated to give it a modern, fresh look as well as to improve functionality. Through the renovation of the leasing office, old and worn out flooring was replaced with a more attractive option. The interior roof that was showing signs of age and wear was completely replaced as well. Foundation walls were updated, and the counters were revamped with modern materials to create a fresh look. Additional work on the leasing office included upgrades in the public bathrooms as well as replacement of the doors. The project was completed for the client in a timely manner and to his satisfaction.

How the Renovation Project Improved the Property
The majority of the customers who enter a multifamily leasing office are prospective tenants who want to learn more about the property and tour an available unit or two. When the prospective tenant walks into the property, he or she makes a snap judgment about the multifamily community based on the style and condition of the leasing office. Most are looking for a clean, modern and well-maintained property. Essentially, the condition and look of the leasing office sets the tone for the prospective tenant. Chesapeake Apartments has successfully improved this essential first impression it makes on customers through the upgrading project. In addition, deferred maintenance items were addressed, and the property value may have increased as well.

What to Expect from J National
J National is a reputable and established general contractor firm that has been serving the Dallas area and surrounding communities for more than 17 years. Our team knows what it takes to deliver timely, quality results on budget, and we have an excellent track record of achieving fabulous results for our valued clients. In addition to providing our clients with skilled, experienced labor, we also offer guidance and expertise through all stages of the remodeling process. Our team only uses quality materials and equipment to ensure an excellent finished product.

If your commercial property is showing signs of wear, age or significant deferred maintenance, it may now be time to start planning a remodeling project for your space. Our team at J National can provide you with guidance when planning your remodeling project as well as an affordable quote for the completion of the work. Contact our office today to learn more about how we can help you improve your apartment community.