Client: Alton Management Corporation
Location: Arlington, TX
Completed: 2018
Architect: Kevin Schwartz

Leasing Office Renovation at Shadow Ridge Apartments

Looking for affordable, top-quality apartment renovations in Dallas, TX? End your search with J National. We pay attention to every detail when we undertake any type of renovation or improvement project. This is certainly true with renovations involving multi-family properties or apartments. Take a moment to learn more about our recent work with a leasing office renovation at Shadow Ridge Apartments.


First impressions matter. And you can’t get anymore front-and-center than the entrance of the lease office at Shadow Ridge Apartments. We brought the client’s vision for their lease office to life in this area by painting the entry doors, installing a new wood/glass door that opens into the rear office, updating the baseboards, installing new crown molding, and installing a chandelier and blinds provided by the client. Since security is equally important in a leasing office, we changed out the lock-set on the entry doors.

Lobby & Hallway Renovations

After the entryway was updated, our team continued with the renovations in the lobby. In this area, the drywall on the ceiling was removed and a new vaulted ceiling was installed. The studs were doubled to provide added support, and spray foam insulation was added to boost energy efficiency and inside comfort.

The lobby was further updated with new drywall over the fireplace, new “storefront style” windows, and blinds. The look was topped off with a fresh coat of paint and new crown molding and baseboards. Our attention to detail in the hallway included:

  • Crown Molding and trim enhanced with an oil base
  • Painting ceilings and walls
  • Installing 4″ can lights

Kitchen and Bathroom Improvements

With the kitchen at the lease office, the J National team removed the kitchen close to create more space. To further accomplish this goal, a wall shared with the entry was also removed. Our kitchen renovation work at this Dallas apartment building also involved:

  • Painting the ceiling and walls
  • Replacing drywall
  • Removing tile flooring and scraping the floor clean to install new wood flooring
  • Texturing the walls/ceiling with light orange hues
  • Installing/painting crown molding and baseboards
  • Installing Shaker-style lower cabinets
  • Installing the client’s preferred sink and faucets, a granite countertop, and a micro fridge under the countertop

In the lease office bathroom, we removed and replaced the door, installed new door hardware selected by the client. As with the kitchen, walls, ceilings, and baseboards were also updated and crown molding was installed. The bathroom renovation was completed with a new vanity and a granite countertop.

Note: With all renovation projects, clients are able to select their own products for our team to install.

Manager’s Office/ Rear Office

New life was given to the manager’s office and rear office at Shadow Ridge Apartments with updated door hardware, a fresh coat of paint, windows, and blinds. The carpet was removed in both offices and the floor was scraped clean.

Enhancing Exterior Beauty

Our expertise with apartment renovations in Dallas, TX extends to outside spaces. At Shadow Ridge Apartments, our skilled local contractors sealed off the chimney flue on the roof. Window canopies were also removed and mounting holes were touched up. Exterior updates also included:

  • Replacing siding/stucco around the new windows
  • Painting any disturbed elevations from corner to corner
  • Making sure all exterior areas had a uniform appearance

Before we begin any apartment renovations in Dallas, TX, we’ll first take the time to discuss project goals, determine what needs to be done, offer suggestions on how to efficiently accomplish the desired tasks, present an accurate, reasonable pre-work estimate, and provide a project completion estimate. Contact J National today to tell us about your renovation plans.