Renovations for Millennials

While trends and technology may change over time, one constant desire for both property owners and managers is to attract tenants likely to stick around for many years. One way to achieve this particular goal is to make an effort to get the attention of millennial tenants. So, if you happen to be planning interior or exterior renovations in Houston, TX, you may want to consider investing in improvements likely to appeal to the millennial generation. Here are some suggestions for your consideration.

Open Floor Plans

Millennials tend to favor open floor plans that make it easier to socialize and entertain. If your properties are lacking openness, one solution is to remove non-supporting walls or eliminate hallways where it makes sense to do so.

Kitchen and Bathroom Updates

One thing that millennials have in common with tenants from other generations is a focus on kitchen and bathroom features. Specifically, younger tenants often prefer:

  • Cabinets and countertops that are durable yet low in maintenance
  • More outlets in the kitchen for things like laptops or tablets they might use to find recipes
  • Simplicity with layouts (e.g., more function and fewer amenities that aren’t really necessary, like his and hers sinks)

Natural Materials and Features

The younger generation has a preference for homes with materials that are as natural as possible, such as reclaimed wood and natural stone. What’s great about natural materials is the fact that they can be used to make interior and exterior property updates both visually appealing and eco-friendly.

Energy Efficient Improvements

Speaking of the environment, the “green generation” also has an appreciation for renovations that boost energy efficiency and minimize their carbon footprint. The added savings can also be a good thing if you’re an owner or property manager, so it’s win-win for everyone involved. Energy efficient improvements that may appeal to millennials include:

  • Toilets that use less water
  • Heating and cooling systems that operate more efficiently
  • Solar roofs
  • Sprinkler systems designed to minimize water usage while still keeping outdoor landscapes healthy
  • Windows and entryway doors that are better at blocking air transfer
  • Tankless water heaters that only provide hot water when it’s needed
  • A combination of a better use of natural light and energy efficient lighting fixtures

Neutral Paint Colors

Millennials, in general, have an appreciation for neutral interior and exterior colors that won’t become dated quickly. But just because you’re opting for neutral shades like white, beige, ivory, gray, and taupe, however, doesn’t mean you can’t give your properties some character likely to be appreciated by younger tenants with subtle undertones.

Expanding Living Spaces Outside

Younger tenants don’t like to limit their living spaces to what’s inside. If you only have one place to really invest in renovations designed with millennials in mind, consider making your exterior spaces more inviting. Options include:

  • Adding balconies that can serve as outdoor gathering spots if yard space is limited
  • Installing outdoor outlets to allow for outdoor kitchen or BBQ equipment to be set up
  • Investing in automatic or perimeter fencing to make outdoor living spaces safer for millennial tenants with children
  • Replacing worn concrete to make outdoor spaces more inviting
  • Adding a pool as an added incentive to spend more time outdoors

Ready to make your properties more millennial friendly? Call on the fully licensed and insured team from J National to plan and complete your interior and exterior renovations in Houston, TX. We’re also at your service when your properties need emergency repairs and plumbing, electrical, or HVAC work. Contact us today to start planning renovations likely to appeal to millennial tenants.


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