Roof Hail Damage Repair in McKinney, TX

All it takes is one hailstorm to damage a roof. This frozen form of precipitation can range in size from tiny grains to near golf-ball size pellets. When hail hits, it can damage all parts of a roof, including the singles and the flashing around roof protrusions like chimneys and vents. If you’ve in need of reliable roof hail damage repair in McKinney, TX, look no further than J National.

What Does Hail Damage In McKinney, TX  Look Like?

Shingles are the part of your roof most likely to be affected by hail. But shingles can react differently to this type of damage. You might notice a loos of granules on some shingles that might be severe enough to expose the underlying felt. Other times, hail damage may produce black spots on your roof. With asphalt and composition shingles, you could also see:

  • Sporadic damage without a clear pattern
  • A shiny appearance on shingles due to loss of granules
  • Soft spots similar to what’s seen with bruising on fruit
  • Dents or impact marks

Wood shingles can produce similar patterns. The main difference is that you may also see splits in the wood shingles or brown/orange discoloration around a split in one or more of the shingles. With metal roofing, you’re more likely to see dents from hail damage.

What Kind of ‘Hidden” Damage Can Affect a Roof?

Shingle substrate is sometimes exposed on the part of the roof that took most of the impact from the hail storm. Even when damage isn’t easily noticeable from a visual inspection from the ground, leaks may develop in the weakened parts of the roof. Hail may cause flashing to become loose in a way that’s not immediately noticeable, which can also lead to leaks.

Damaged or bruised shingles can also funnel water into the underlayment and decking below your roof’s surface. This water exposure can eventually cause widespread damage to the structures that support your roof and the ceilings, crawlspaces, or attic that may be below certain parts of it. The problem will only become worse with subsequent storms.

How Can J National Fix Hail Damage in McKinney?

Since storms can occur suddenly, our experienced contractors are trained to promptly complete roof hail damage repair in McKinney. We’ll arrive quickly with a fully stocked truck to assess the situation. If necessary, we’ll cover the affected area to prevent further leaks and then determine what steps to take to restore your roof.

After your roof has been meticulously checked, we’ll let you know what needs to be done to restore you roof’s appearance and structural integrity. Before any work is done, you’ll receive an honest estimate. You can also expect our contractors to:

  • Use quality materials for all repairs
  • Thoroughly inspect all parts of your roof
  • Completely clean up before leaving

Roof hail damage repair in McKinney, TX, isn’t always as oblivious as broken, dented, or missing shingles. Restore your peace of mind following a storm by calling on the roof experts from J National to perform an inspection. Contact us today to request assistance from our team. We can also lend a hand with your claims process.


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