Roof Inspections

All it takes is one hailstorm, or even a single severe thunderstorm or night when there are high winds, to weaken or damage your roof in ways you may not even be aware of. If you’re in need of a thorough roof inspection in Dallas, TX, rest assured we’ll leave no details overlooked. While it is possible to do an inspection from the ground, this type of roof inspection can’t detect minor problems that may not be so evident from a visual assessment alone.

Mitigating Water Damage

Since hail comes in varying shapes and sizes, it’s entirely possible to have damage that weakens the shingles and underlying materials enough to allow water to seep into tiny cracks. In some instances, water damage can result in accumulated moisture in hidden areas in ceilings, exterior walls, and attics. Special equipment can be used to detect not-so-obvious source of moisture.

Protecting Against Unseen Damage

Everything from hailstorms to year-round exposure to different kinds of weather can take a slow toll on a roof. Even temperature flotations and exposure to sunlight can wear down materials and create vulnerable spots on a residential roof. Only a thorough inspection by experienced contractors can identify such weaknesses before serious damage has occurred.

Extending Your Roof’s Lifespan

Completing repairs before more extensive damage has occurred can result in much-appreciated savings. Being proactive with roof repair and maintenance work can also make it easier to get more life out of your roof. Inspections can also mitigate damage that is slowly occurring from previous storm damage or general wear.

Helping with Your Insurance Claim

In order to get insurance reimbursement for damage from hail or other types of storm, most companies require detailed evidence. Since we have in-house claim consultants, results from our detailed inspection reports can help ease the burden of meeting insurance requirements. 

Improving Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

When our team does roof inspection in Dallas, TX, what you’ll end up with is a report that takes every detail into account. With hail damage, for instance, there may be damage to underlying parts of roof that provide access points for air to enter and escape. Even shingles that have lost granules can affect energy efficiency. Being proactive with roof repairs based on inspection results can also result in:

  • Fewer roofing emergencies in the future
  • New insights about the overall condition of your roof
  • Proactive repairs that can reduce the need for roof replacement
  • Information about your roof that may be useful should you be planning to sell your home in the near future

Safely restore your peace of mind and let J National complete your next roof inspection in Dallas, TX. Whether you are a single homeowner or you manage multiple properties, we’ll provide the details you’ll need to make well-informed decisions about your roof. Contact our licensed and insured contractors today to schedule an inspection.

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