Signs It Is Time To Have Your AC Repaired

Air conditioning does not just need repaired when it stops working altogether. It’s also worth considering multi-family AC repair in Dallas, TX, if you’re getting reports from your tenants about unusual operation patterns and higher than usual utility bills. Pay attention to the following signs that it’s time to schedule AC repairs to enjoy much-appreciated savings for you and your tenants and minimize the risk of having to deal with urgent repair requests on days when AC is essential to maintain comfort.

Odd Smells

An unusual smell coming from an air conditioner is usually a sign of mold, either in ducts or within the unit itself. Another sign of mold is musty-smelling air. A metallic burning smell may be a sign of damaged wires or burnt insulation.

Moisture Inside of Ducts

If moisture is accumulating inside of ducts, it’s a sign of humidity caused by a leak. The problem could be with the unit itself or there may be a leak somewhere in the ductwork.

Lack of Sufficient Cold Air

The production of cold air may slowly decline over time in air conditioning. It may be due to a general lack of maintenance (only 40 percent of AC owners adhere to manufacturers’ maintenance recommendations, according to one estimate) or it could be a sign that certain parts are failing.

Quick Tip: Changing the filter may correct problems with cold air flow.

More Noise During Operation

Some noise during operation is normal for most air conditioners. However, unusually loud buzzing or high-pitched noises could be caused by a loose part rattling around or interfering with the motor or fan. More noise during operation could also suggest that an AC unit is working harder to cool the same space, which may be caused by parts that need adjusted, replaced, or cleaned.

Higher then Usual Utility Bills

Air conditioning that’s functioning properly should keep your utility bills reasonable and maybe even lower your expenses. Sudden spikes in utility costs for no apparent reason could also be a sign that your AC unit is working harder. Potential reasons may include dirty filters, worn out or damaged parts, or debris in ducts.

Operation Cycles are Irregular

Irregular cycles can be a sign that the thermostat is going bad or needs adjustments to internal parts. Problems with cycles can also be due to issues with the unit or its related components.

AC Shutting Off Automatically

Faulty wiring is one possible reason why air conditioning may shut off for no clear reason. Issues with wiring may involve the plug that goes from the inside unit to the wall or the wiring for outdoor units and fans.

When in doubt if AC repairs are needed, err on the side of caution and call on J National. Our technicians are available to provide prompt, affordable multi-family AC repair in Dallas, TX, and the surrounding areas. We also recommend seasonal inspections to ensure that your air conditioning is operating as efficiently as possible. Call today to learn more about our multi-family property, residential, and commercial services.

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