Top 3 Roofing Systems Preferred by Multi- Family Properties

Whether you’re the owner of a multi-family property or you are the property manager, making the right decisions can help ensure the best return on your investment. Of course, maintaining the property and replacing major systems, such as the HVAC or other systems, should include an evaluation of the overall performance as well as its long-term cost. For example, when you choose a quality energy efficient roofing system, you’ll be able to protect the property while reducing energy costs. Additionally, quality materials will help ensure that the property will be protected for many years, so the expense of replacement can be minimized. Some common options that can be used with both residential as well as commercial properties include the following:

  • Asphalt shingles
  • Metal
  • Tile (both concrete and clay)
  • Coating systems


Asphalt Shingle Systems

The asphalt shingle is one of the most common choices for many properties, but it’s not just one of the most popular options, it can also be extremely energy efficient, especially if you choose a light color. This type of material is also typically one of the most affordable. A company that offers multi-family shingle replacement in Dallas will be able to repair or replace any shingles that are damaged or missing. This type of system is an excellent option for multi-family properties, and, it has the added advantage of being easy to maintain as well as repair.

Metal is Cost Effective

As a property management company or the owner of a multiple family property, metal can be an excellent way to protect the property. This type of system can often be installed directly over your old asphalt shingle system. It can also provide a long-lasting option that will help ensure that when you choose multi-family shingle replacement in Dallas, you’ll have a solution that will last for decades. This type of covering is also much lighter than tile, and it is naturally fire retardant, offing an added safety advantage. Another benefit of choosing metal is that you’ll have plenty of options, including metal panels as well as a number of metal shingle designs. Metal can also reflect radiant heat, which can help lower summer cooling bills.

Tile Systems

Many property owners choose tile because it not only adds a beautiful touch to their property, but it is also an extremely long lasting solution. When you don’t want to have to face the hassle of another roofing project, tile can be a very good choice. This is a solution that will generally last as long as your building. You’ll also be able to choose from concrete or clay tiles as well as a variety of design styles and colors. There’s no doubt, you’ll have plenty of options when you choose a tile system for your property.  Whichever type of coverage you choose for your property; J National can provide a full line of quality services. From installation to repair and maintenance, you’ll always get an experienced technician to handle all of your multi-family roofing needs.


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