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A Storm Recently Caused Damage To Your Property? We Can Assist In Providing A Scope Of Repair For The Process Of Insurance Claims. 

No.1 Fast & Reliable Emergency Insurance Claims TX - J National J National ensures that the scope of repairs specified by the insurance company conforms with the criteria for good quality in roofing industry plans, specifications, rules, laws, and regulations. We will offer an independent scope of repair that is detailed and transparent. 

Homeowners’ insurance may fully or partially cover claims for storm damage to the roof, gutters, siding, and windows.   


Conduct A Free Inspection To Start Roof Replacement From Storm Damage

By offering a thorough Independent Scope of Repairs, J National helps customers include necessary repair items in their claims for roof storm damage.  


Contact J National to come out and assess your property if you believe a storm has damaged your roof or other parts of your property. You are not filing a claim now; you are checking for damage before hastily initiating the insurance claims procedure. When you choose J National, we provide a free, no-obligation inspection of your residence or place of business to ascertain the presence and propensity of damage.   



Next, arrange visitation with the chosen contractor. It would be best if you did this before submitting a claim. The harm might not be as severe as you believe. To maintain a spotless record and prevent premium increases, file a claim only after confirming hail damage. If your loss exceeds your deductible, we can assist you in determining this by reviewing your insurance. It might not be in your best interest to file a claim if it is close to or less than your insurance deductible.  



If the scope of the repairs proposed by your contractor justifies submitting a claim, you should do so. Your insurance carrier will arrange for an adjuster to visit your home and examine your roof to authorize and handle your claim. Reviewing your insurance documents will help you better grasp your policy’s coverage and deductible details.  



We will be able to attend the adjuster meeting on your behalf as your contractor upon request and represent your demands. Typically, a desk adjuster receives and reviews the field adjuster’s findings after his inspection. The field adjuster will decide whether an insurance claim is approved or denied on the spot at this procedure stage.  



Once the insurance claims is approved, we can discuss the specifics of the insurance coverage. It will allow you to inquire about the repairs and warranty the contractor will offer if needed. Our professionals at J National are here to walk you through the insurance claim procedure and address any questions or worries. In this step, our claims professionals can assist you in comprehending every repair that your insurance company will pay for, providing you with complete openness.  

Period For The Project To Start  

Your account manager will be your primary point of contact. Gather information about the choice of shingles, the warranty, and any supplemental repairs that the scope of repairs will cover before making any repairs. You will receive payment directly from your insurance provider. Repair costs, as well as the contractor’s deductible, are your responsibility. Your insurance provider will demand documentation of the repairs. J National Construction will give you all the information you require.   

Call J National at (972) 544-6545 for insurance claims assistance. 

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No.1 Fast & Reliable Emergency Insurance Claims TX - J National
No.1 Fast & Reliable Emergency Insurance Claims TX - J National
No.1 Fast & Reliable Emergency Insurance Claims TX - J National

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J National provides on-site evaluation of damages and works directly with insurance carriers to ease your stress during times of need.

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